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  •Absolute Black
 •Absolute Black (H.)
 •Absolute Black (F.)
 •Amber Yellow
 •Baltic Brown
 •Bianco Catalina
 •Bianco Romano
 •Black Galaxy
 •Blue Pearl
 •Cactus (Yanshan) green
 •Colombo Juparana
 •Dakota Mohagany
 •Emerald Pearl
 •Giallo Fantasia
 •Giallo Fiorito
 •Golden Pearl
 •Hawaii Blue
 •Imperial Gold
 •Imperial White
 •Indian Dakota
 •Kashmir Gold
 •Kashmir White
 •New Imperial red
 •New Venetian Gold
 •Peach Flower (Purse)
 •Ruby Red
 •Sapphire Blue
 •Silver Pearl
 •Tan Brown
 •Uba Tuba
 •Verde Butterfly
 •Verde Maritaka
 •Volga Blue

  Bianco Catalina-Polished      
  Ablsulate black    

Other Names(AKA):

Black & White, Salt & Pepper
Available Sizes: 12x12, 18x18
Available Finishes:  Polished
Color variation: Low

Price for 12x12:


Min. Order 300sq.ft. (could be mix)




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