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  •Absolute Black
 •Absolute Black (H.)
 •Absolute Black (F.)
 •Amber Yellow
 •Baltic Brown
 •Bianco Catalina
 •Bianco Romano
 •Black Galaxy
 •Blue Pearl
 •Cactus (Yanshan) green
 •Colombo Juparana
 •Dakota Mohagany
 •Emerald Pearl
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 •Giallo Fiorito
 •Golden Pearl
 •Hawaii Blue
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granite tile

We offer most extensive granite tile collection. Our products are imported from 16 different countries across the world.

We ship troughout the USA. Minimum order is one pallet (can be mixed).

  Black Galaxy Santa cecilia Blue Pearl Emerald Pearl  
Black Galaxy Amber Yellow Blue Pearl Emrald Pearl
  kashmir gold  
  Golden Sand Imperial White Absolute Black Colombo Juparana  
Stone Design

      The use of stone in residential interiors can take on many forms. Some homes may be designed with natural stone for a featured area, such as an entryway or fireplace, with more modest materials throughout the remainder of the residence. Other home owners may choose to implement stone in all areas of the home, even using the material as a unifying element from room to room and within hallways.

      Once homeowners make the choice of stone for their home, the find that the material serves as much more than an upscale alternative to ceramic tile, carpeting or hardwood. Designers are using natural stone to express the tastes and, more importantly, the personalities a very personal statement by the home owners, revealing how the view themselves.

      With variety of natural stone products that have hit the marketplace over past decade, homeowners are choosing from an expanded color palette that includes mare shades and tones than ever before. Moreover, the many stone varieties available today allow consumers to have a broad range of color even within a single material.

      Conversely, the desire for a muted palette of neutral stone has remained popular for some time now. It allows the stone to serve as framework for a setting. Thus giving the homeowner an opportunity to introduce new furnishings or fabrics in a space without fear of clashing with existing stone work.

Why can we offer better price than other suppliers?

Not only are we a wholesale supplier, we are a Direct Importer of Granite Tile & Stone.  This means we can offer great wholesale prices without dealing with the "middle man".  Also, being a direct importer insures either stocked or short lead time merchandise.

From trendy to traditional we supply quality tile at competitive pricing.


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